Sunday, November 5

Nominations accepted November 5 (beginning at the 8 a.m. service) until Sunday, November 26 (noon)                          

SHARING OF PHOTOS AND BIOS OF VESTRY CANDIDATES Mid-December via a series of parish-wide emails and in the January issue of The Parish Life                                                                                                                                        

ANNUAL MEETING / ELECTION OF VESTRY CANDIDATES  Sunday, January 21, 2018 (9:30 a.m.)

At the Annual Meeting on January 21, 2018, five (5) members will be elected to the Vestry. Outgoing members are Loni Harris, John Neblett, Mary Nenarella, Greg Petrinjak, and Amy Turner. The last four are ineligible for re-election per the by-laws. However, Loni Harris is eligible for re-election. Loni is eligible for re-election per the by-laws in that she is serving a partial term that is ending. 
The nominating committee consists of the four ineligible outgoing Vestry members listed above along with The Rev. Gayle McCarty in an advisory role. 
Section 4.  Nominations.  A nominating committee shall be made up of the outgoing Vestry members who are not eligible for election. This committee shall receive nominations with the hope and expectation that more nominations will be received than the number of upcoming vacancies on the Vestry. All persons nominated by the nominating committee or from the floor shall be certified canonically for eligibility and shall express their willingness to serve. 
Who is eligible for Vestry nomination? The by-laws read as follows:
 ARTICLE III. VESTRY    Section 1. Eligibility.  Any Confirmed Communicant in Good Standing who has attained the age of eighteen (18) years or over shall be eligible for election to membership on the Vestry. No members of the same household may serve concurrently on the Vestry. Also, no employees of the Parish may serve on the Vestry.
St. Luke’s further uses the following “Guidelines for Vestry Qualification”:
 According to church law, Vestry members must be 18 years old and a “confirmed communicant in good standing.” A communicant in good standing is one who has a record of working, praying and giving to the parish. Potential Vestry members should demonstrate a commitment to Jesus Christ, St. Luke’s and The Episcopal Church; set an example in personal stewardship; be willing to be responsible for management of parish property and finances; be willing to commit to a three year term of service; and share in seeking God’s will for St. Luke’s.
**Please see the Vestry Expectations adopted by the present Vestry. It is available at both nominating drop boxes and on the church website at
Secure nominating committee drop boxes will be located in the Narthex and in the church office beginning at the 8:00 a.m. service on November 5 through noon November 26. Please place your nomination form in one of the boxes after you have received permission from the person you are nominating. Each Monday morning, our parish administrator will open the box in the presence of another and retrieve the nomination forms. These forms will be kept in a secure location; the names shared with the nominating committee, wardens and The Rev. Gayle McCarty and then will be vetted by the parish administrator for eligibility. 
Do not place nomination forms in the offering plate or give to anyone or mail to the office.  The only means of officially making a nomination is to place your nomination form in one of the designated nominating committee drop boxes and within the prescribed time line.
Nomination forms will become available at church beginning November 5 at the 8:00 a.m. service.

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