July 10th, 2012

[Episcopal News Service -- Indianapolis] “You haven’t heard of Bonnie Ball?”

The teens rushed to pull up a website on a cell phone to show General Convention House of Deputies President Bonnie Anderson how those addressing the house were earning points in an online game for such behavior as trying to speak to the same issue more than once (2 points), wearing something strange on their heads while speaking (5 points) or mentioning Bonnie Ball while addressing the chair (15 points).

“That is so fun,” Anderson said. “Did you see the guy with the lobster claw [hat]? … Maybe I could borrow it.”

Anderson spent her lunch break July 9 eating pizza and chatting about serious and not-so-serious matters with the members of the Official Youth Presence. Anderson wrote the resolution in 1982 that created the presence, composed of 18 young people — two per province — who have voice but no vote in the House of Deputies.

Youth and young adults have been a visible presence in Indianapolis, gathering in official groups and unofficial networks to participate in and observe the workings of General Convention.


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