The Rev. Charles Filiatreau was called as Rector of Saint Luke’s from West Memphis, Arkansas in 1990. During Father Filiatreau’s tenure, the Parish Hall was greatly enlarged (1995) by purchase of the Dunlap property, the columbarium was built (1997), the parking lot across from the church was added (2001), and the United Way Building, next door, was purchased (2003). The Diocesan Convention was held at Saint Luke’s in 1997 and in 2003.

On May 4, 2003, Saint Luke's Church was hit by an F4 tornado, tearing the roof off the building and scattering bricks from the front of the building.

Following the May 2003 tornado, the Saint Luke's community worked countless hours to salvage materials from the nave, and to clean up the parish hall and prepare it for ongoing church services until the nave was rebuilt.

In 2004, Fr. Filiatreau retired as rector of Saint Luke's and from parish ministry in the Episcopal Church.

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