A sense of place and faith, of rest and remembrance.

The whole of our church is much more than its bricks and mortar. Worship and fellowship. Growth and change. Examination and discovery. Gain and loss. Celebration and consolation.

All are part, and all are shared. We now add another final resting place to complete our journey in the Anglican tradition of the churchyard. Here where we lived and loved in faith we will remain in eternal victory. Forever part of Saint Luke's Parish.


The Columbarium and Memorial Scattering Gardens

Each limestone niche sells for $1,275 - $1,950 and holds the cremains of one or two people, up to two urns. A nominal fee will be charged at the time of interment for the engraving of names and dates.

The price for inclusion in the Scatter Garden is $590 for each person, A nominal cost will also be charged to include names and dates on a plaque in the garden area. The total for either the Columbarium or the Scatter Garden is payable upon reservation.

A portion of all sales is dedicated to the perpetual care of the area. Inclusion is open to all, just as our faith and the doors of our church.

For more information, contact Parish Administator Allison Shull at 731-424-0556.