The Book of Common Prayer teaches us that “the church carries out its mission through the ministry of its members.” Together, we are Saint Luke’s. All of us are called to use our God-given gifts, talents, and resources for the ministry and work of the Church.

This calling is the very heart of stewardship. In action, stewardship is the way we use, or do not use, our resources to further unity and reconciliation in our homes, our communities and our occupations.

In the fall of each year, we ask each of you to prayerfully and conscientiously evaluate your own stewardship, asking yourselves, “What is God’s share of my resources?” Then with an open heart make a pledge of your time, talents, and money.

Any giving of “time, talent and treasure” contributes to the life, mission, and ministry of Saint Luke’s, to the glory of Almighty God.

To make a financial pledge, you are welcome to use the form below.

To make a pledge of your time and talent, please email Tammy McDougal, Pairish Administrator, tammy@estlukes.org