Our Mission

In the summer of 2009 the Vestry of Saint Luke's Episcopal Church developed a new mission statement along with a new set of core values.

The mission of Saint Luke’s Episcopal Church is to

This Mission Statement brings together three important pieces of our identity. The first is our welcome. We are a congregation working explicitly at becoming a place where new folks can easily come and be a part. These words about welcome deal directly with the Great Commission, for our welcome isn't just about our hospitality towards others once they are through our doors, it’s about inviting others to follow Christ - bringing others to Saint Luke’s.

Second, our mission speaks of worshipping the Risen Christ. Resurrection is a huge part of our parish’s post- tornado identity. When you enter Saint Luke’s you cannot escape the image of the Risen Christ in the painting depicting the resurrection on the reredos. This visual is front and center to our worship, and worship - offering to God our thanks and praise- is the very center of our Christian life and identity.

Finally, our Mission Statement speaks of living as disciples of the Risen Christ. Throughout the gospels Jesus invites ordinary folks to come and follow him. Disciples of Jesus are just that - ordinary people who are following Jesus, learning from him and having their lives reshaped by him on a lifelong journey of faith.